Body In The Hallway

I am not happy with today’s submission at all, but I know I have to post something and I don’t have time to continue experimenting. My goal for tonight was a body-in-the-hallway image appropriate for Halloween. The result didn’t come close to what I was hoping for. Eh. It is what it is. Time to …

Great Sand Dunes

I have driven within thirty miles of the Great Sand Dunes more times than I can remember, and today I finally drove into the park so I could look around.

Nearing The Edge

Climbed on the roof to shut down the swamp cooler today. Took the camera knowing it would provide a different perspective from which to shoot. I’m sure it left the neighbors scratching their heads. :-)


This was *supposed* to be a close-up photo of a bee at feeding time, but in the end he was simply too fast for me. The flower was not.

Saturday Self Portrait

Today was *supposed* to be the day that I finally learn something about flash photography. Dead batteries foiled my plans, however, so it became a day to experiment with post-processing. Because that was easier than going to the store. :-)