And to celebrate reaching photo 99 in this wonderful project, I meticulously counted out exactly 99 kernels of popcorn! I then arranged them precisely, one at a time, in this uniform pattern so I could photograph them. (Yeah, OK, maybe I wasn’t quite so precise with the creation of this image after all.)

Edge Effects

One of the realities (ruts) of this project for me is that all photography has to take place either before or after work. That means there is a lot of “rush” jobs to do something reasonably quick each weeknight. I have a little more freedom to explore on the weekends.

Playstation Controller

A gaming controller for the Playstation 3. The first video game I ever owned as a kid was controlled through a single single rotary dial and that was it. My second video game used a single four-contact joystick and a single red “fire” button. Controllers for modern games — and these are even a bit …


Poor thing’s life came to an end today. Extremely bright as a kid. Was eventually known for casting a shadow over everyone around him. Kinda flashy towards the end. Went out with a bang.

Speedlight Exercises

I set aside time today to experiment with an external flash unit (Nikon SB-800). I purchased this thing back in the early 1990’s, and have only used it a few times. I decided that I would finally read the manual and learn how to use it. Wow. Within thirty seconds, I was feeling confused and …

Tree Trunk

Arrived in Miami today and rushed to take some photos before the sun went down. This is the trunk of a palm tree, which is a nice reminder that I am enjoying warm weather again after dealing with freezing temperatures at home this morning.

Grapefruit CST4

Admitting to a photographic sin (and no, I don’t feel good about it). Took a picture of a grapefruit and randomly applied Lightroom presets until I thought it looked more interesting. Not that there’s anything “really” wrong with Lightroom presets, but I don’t like to use them without some fundamental understanding of what they are …