December 1978

Found this in the corner of a dresser drawer. I can’t remember if I picked it up during an actual “trip to the post office” or if it was something my father brought home for me. Either way, it’s a remnant from my childhood. Back then, I am sure I had dreams of hanging on …

Spin Cycle

Long exposure into the washing machine. It wasn’t actually spinning at high speed, but rather being turned slowly by hand and captured using a thirty-second shutter speed.

Killer Bug

When I was a kid, I would have been scared to death trying to pick this up. Now that I’m older and wiser, well, I know there is absolutely no good reason to even think about such a thing. :-)

GPS Success

Admittedly, the subject in this photo has nothing to do with GPS equipment or tracking. But today’s experiment resulted in a major “win” for my future cataloging process. Although I have always wanted to tag each of my photos with GPS coordinates when captured, I have never had any interest in purchasing a special add-on …

Independence Day

Something I never considered before today? Photographing a flag as it flaps in the wind requires a bit of patience. And perhaps even a round of high-speed continuous shooting.