Fuel Economy

Increasingly on our minds as fuel prices skyrocket again. On a side note, though, here’s a gem for you! Next time you’re car shopping but don’t want the salesperson to shadow your every move, walk in with a camera and ask if it’s OK to take photos on their lot. They told me “no problem” …


Do you remember flashcubes from the seventies and eighties? Four individual flashbulbs, arranged four to a cube. They seemed to look more interesting from the bottom, so here you go. :-)


Today, I celebrate reaching the halfway point for my photo-a-day project. I’ve taken at least one new photo every day for six months, which feels strangely satisfying. I am sure it will be smooth sailing from here, right?!?? And no, I don’t care to debate whether 365 divided by two is 180. :-)

Fotomat Expired

My father had this sitting in his dresser drawer. An unopened package of film that expired in 1977. I had to look up “126” on wikipedia to learn about the format. He no longer has the camera that used this, as far as we know. He did, however, have many other gems in that drawer …

Star Trek

I have several friends that are serious fans of the Star Trek series. This particular ceramic sculpture, though, would creep me out if it were in my house.