The Lights

I don’t care for this, but it’s what I ended up with so I’m obligated to post it. I’ve seen a lot of photos recently where people took out-of-focus photographs of small light sources and the results were really interesting. Mine? Not. I’ll have to work on this.

Unused Filter

I’m not even sure I should try describing the setup here. The viewpoint here is through the middle of a cylindrical hot-tub filter. A light source at the far end illuminates the individual holes inside of the cylinder.

Are They Serious?

The movie “Three Amigos” was a favorite of mine when it first came out on video (back when VHS rental stores were booming in the eighties.) In fact, I will even admit that I saw it so many times that I could practically recite every line from memory. But I was surprised to see the …

Moonlight Attempt

Another attempt at photographing the moon. Although there are many problems with this result, at least I was able to dial down the exposure to the point that Lightroom could bring out the shadowed features. From the playback on the camera, though, I couldn’t tell. I’ll happily claim this one as a successful step in …


Not sure if the title is related to look on my face or with my reaction to how much time I can put into simple crop/rotation tweaks in Lightroom.

Lens Reflections

Another experiment that did not work out as well as I thought it would. This is a self-taken shot of my camera lens. Two mirrors were needed to capture a photo of myself from the side. The multiple levels of bathroom mirror glass, though, cause a significant amount of unwanted “ghosting” in the image.