After pursuing this project for a week, I am already doubting my ability to continue for an entire year. I can come up with all kinds of excuses about why it is difficult, but the bottom line is I am struggling to find interesting subject matter in the small amount of time I have each …

Arroyo Artistry

I’m not sure when these first appeared, but I noticed them today. Sculptures of various fossils are embedded in the sides of an Albuquerque arroyo (water diversion channel) near Cottonwood Mall.

Power Lines

I spent forty-five minutes taking pictures around the Rio Grande, and yet this is the selection for today. I am definitely finding this project to be a challenge.

Flagstone Pathway

This entry took a bit of effort, simply because I struggled to find anything worth photographing. I took about a dozen photos all around the house, and most ended up looking rather pointless. I finally settled on this flagstone pathway. I converted the original to black-and-white, which provided a different feel and ends up hiding …


My keyboard appears “spotless” clean when I look at it with a naked eye. Through the lens? Not so much. Even in retrospect, I am wondering if some of this could be on my lens or inside my camera.

Getting Started

Breaking the ice and getting past “photographer’s block” is already a challenge. Not sure how this bodes for the project as a whole. The fact that this photo is out-of-focus really drives me up the wall. Forcing myself to post it is my attempt to fight perfectionism. And, for me, perfectionism can be a serious …