I spent more time researching the legal issues related to posting digital images of currency than I did actually pulling today’s photo together. Funny that the laws/rules are not as straightforward as I would have expected. But I think I’m within the bounds of all domestic and international laws. In any case, let the countdown …

December 1978

Found this in the corner of a dresser drawer. I can’t remember if I picked it up during an actual “trip to the post office” or if it was something my father brought home for me. Either way, it’s a remnant from my childhood. Back then, I am sure I had dreams of hanging on …

Spin Cycle

Long exposure into the washing machine. It wasn’t actually spinning at high speed, but rather being turned slowly by hand and captured using a thirty-second shutter speed.

Killer Bug

When I was a kid, I would have been scared to death trying to pick this up. Now that I’m older and wiser, well, I know there is absolutely no good reason to even think about such a thing. :-)

GPS Success

Admittedly, the subject in this photo has nothing to do with GPS equipment or tracking. But today’s experiment resulted in a major “win” for my future cataloging process. Although I have always wanted to tag each of my photos with GPS coordinates when captured, I have never had any interest in purchasing a special add-on …

Independence Day

Something I never considered before today? Photographing a flag as it flaps in the wind requires a bit of patience. And perhaps even a round of high-speed continuous shooting.

Albuquerque Photowalk

Today I participated in what was billed as the world’s largest-ever photo walk, organized in celebration of the Google+ one-year anniversary. At last count, there were 106 cities participating. It was a great time, hunting photo opportunities in the 100-degree heat. More photos from today to be shared on Google+ in the coming days!


I seem to recall movies from, say, the 1950’s where people would peak through a neighbor’s keyhole to see what they were doing. It doesn’t work nowadays. (Of course, now you can just log in to facebook and see more than you ever wanted to see.)

And Yet Nothing Will Come

Tried out exposure bracketing with the new camera, plugging the result into Photoshop’s HDR tool. Followed by many tweaks. Ending in a result I didn’t care for. But yeah, sometimes that happens. :-) I really don’t have the whole HDR thing down, even though I like to fiddle with it from time to time. (The …

White Winged Dove

One thing I need to work on is patience. Especially when it comes to wildlife photography. I lucked out with today’s “see it out the window and sprint to the backdoor” approach.


I have been eagerly awaiting this arrival, and it’s finally here! Busy day, though, and I haven’t even had time to take it out of the box. Looking forward to putting it to use. Word has it this camera is about 8.89 times nicer than my D90!

Alma Mater

In front of my old high school. They are hosting an event this evening for alumni to visit before the old building is torn down. A new building has already been constructed and stands ready for the coming school year.

Eclipse Shades

I never did put these to good use. They arrived in the mail the day after this year’s annular eclipse. And I guess the Venus event yesterday didn’t interest me enough to pay attention. At least I’m prepared for 2017!

Keep The Packing Feet

I don’t consider myself to be a hoarder, but I occasionally keep random things that might better be thrown away. Such is the case with these “packing feet” from a washing machine I purchased several years ago. It’s a good thing I held on to them, as I obviously needed a photography subject this morning. …


Digging through the garage for subject matter before the sun comes up. :-) On a positive note, only 100 days left in the project!


Another one I will chalk up to “learning experiences”. Not happy with one, but after all the time invested, it still gets posted as today’s selection. :-) The title “blowouts” refers to the whites/highlights being blown out in the photo. This was my second attempt at HDR, and the blowout risk seems to be amplified …


The “perigee” moon occurs once a year, appearing 14% bigger and 30% brighter than other full moons. I was definitely hitting up against the limit of my skill set with this one. The clouds were a disappointing factor as well. But I still had fun trying to capture it. :-)

Circuit Board

This graphics card has been sitting in my box of “miscellaneous” computer parts for many years. I should probably hold on to it. No telling when I will need one. :-)

Flower Parts

There was a time — probably when I was eight years old — that I could name all of the little parts of a flower. Now I’m too lazy to even look it up on the internet. :-) This is a bloom from a pear tree in my back yard.

Middle of Nowhere

People familiar with the stretch of I-25 between Albuquerque and Santa Fe will recognize this. A defunct outlet mall located at Budaghers, NM. Developers pumped a lot of money into this 90’s business venture, which ignored the basic tenets of “location, location, location”.

Ticket Stubs

Unfortunately dating myself a bit with this one. :-) Concert tickets used to be printed and distributed to a limited number of local stores for sale to the public. You stood in line. If one location ran out of inventory, you drove to another. And everyone complained about the “outrageous” sixty-cent service charge added to …

Flea Market Excaliber

I’m thinking this was something my brother purchased in the 80’s. And no doubt due to its incredible magical power, it was hidden away from humanity in the dark recesses of an old closet for decades.

Fuel Economy

Increasingly on our minds as fuel prices skyrocket again. On a side note, though, here’s a gem for you! Next time you’re car shopping but don’t want the salesperson to shadow your every move, walk in with a camera and ask if it’s OK to take photos on their lot. They told me “no problem” …


Do you remember flashcubes from the seventies and eighties? Four individual flashbulbs, arranged four to a cube. They seemed to look more interesting from the bottom, so here you go. :-)


Today, I celebrate reaching the halfway point for my photo-a-day project. I’ve taken at least one new photo every day for six months, which feels strangely satisfying. I am sure it will be smooth sailing from here, right?!?? And no, I don’t care to debate whether 365 divided by two is 180. :-)

Fotomat Expired

My father had this sitting in his dresser drawer. An unopened package of film that expired in 1977. I had to look up “126” on wikipedia to learn about the format. He no longer has the camera that used this, as far as we know. He did, however, have many other gems in that drawer …

Star Trek

I have several friends that are serious fans of the Star Trek series. This particular ceramic sculpture, though, would creep me out if it were in my house.


During the winter, my running shoes see very little action, except for the occasional photo opportunity. (Oh, who am I kidding? They don’t really see much more action during the summer, either, if we’re being honest.) :-)

Leg To Stand On

(A) Put camera on tripod. (B) Point camera down. (C) Point task light down over tripod leg. (D) Cover ugly tan carpet with ugly pink poster board. (E) Open aperture wide. (F) Click.

The Lights

I don’t care for this, but it’s what I ended up with so I’m obligated to post it. I’ve seen a lot of photos recently where people took out-of-focus photographs of small light sources and the results were really interesting. Mine? Not. I’ll have to work on this.

Unused Filter

I’m not even sure I should try describing the setup here. The viewpoint here is through the middle of a cylindrical hot-tub filter. A light source at the far end illuminates the individual holes inside of the cylinder.

Are They Serious?

The movie “Three Amigos” was a favorite of mine when it first came out on video (back when VHS rental stores were booming in the eighties.) In fact, I will even admit that I saw it so many times that I could practically recite every line from memory. But I was surprised to see the …

Moonlight Attempt

Another attempt at photographing the moon. Although there are many problems with this result, at least I was able to dial down the exposure to the point that Lightroom could bring out the shadowed features. From the playback on the camera, though, I couldn’t tell. I’ll happily claim this one as a successful step in …


Not sure if the title is related to look on my face or with my reaction to how much time I can put into simple crop/rotation tweaks in Lightroom.

Lens Reflections

Another experiment that did not work out as well as I thought it would. This is a self-taken shot of my camera lens. Two mirrors were needed to capture a photo of myself from the side. The multiple levels of bathroom mirror glass, though, cause a significant amount of unwanted “ghosting” in the image.


And to celebrate reaching photo 99 in this wonderful project, I meticulously counted out exactly 99 kernels of popcorn! I then arranged them precisely, one at a time, in this uniform pattern so I could photograph them. (Yeah, OK, maybe I wasn’t quite so precise with the creation of this image after all.)

Edge Effects

One of the realities (ruts) of this project for me is that all photography has to take place either before or after work. That means there is a lot of “rush” jobs to do something reasonably quick each weeknight. I have a little more freedom to explore on the weekends.

Playstation Controller

A gaming controller for the Playstation 3. The first video game I ever owned as a kid was controlled through a single single rotary dial and that was it. My second video game used a single four-contact joystick and a single red “fire” button. Controllers for modern games — and these are even a bit …


Poor thing’s life came to an end today. Extremely bright as a kid. Was eventually known for casting a shadow over everyone around him. Kinda flashy towards the end. Went out with a bang.

Speedlight Exercises

I set aside time today to experiment with an external flash unit (Nikon SB-800). I purchased this thing back in the early 1990’s, and have only used it a few times. I decided that I would finally read the manual and learn how to use it. Wow. Within thirty seconds, I was feeling confused and …

Tree Trunk

Arrived in Miami today and rushed to take some photos before the sun went down. This is the trunk of a palm tree, which is a nice reminder that I am enjoying warm weather again after dealing with freezing temperatures at home this morning.

Grapefruit CST4

Admitting to a photographic sin (and no, I don’t feel good about it). Took a picture of a grapefruit and randomly applied Lightroom presets until I thought it looked more interesting. Not that there’s anything “really” wrong with Lightroom presets, but I don’t like to use them without some fundamental understanding of what they are …

Body In The Hallway

I am not happy with today’s submission at all, but I know I have to post something and I don’t have time to continue experimenting. My goal for tonight was a body-in-the-hallway image appropriate for Halloween. The result didn’t come close to what I was hoping for. Eh. It is what it is. Time to …

Great Sand Dunes

I have driven within thirty miles of the Great Sand Dunes more times than I can remember, and today I finally drove into the park so I could look around.

Nearing The Edge

Climbed on the roof to shut down the swamp cooler today. Took the camera knowing it would provide a different perspective from which to shoot. I’m sure it left the neighbors scratching their heads. :-)


This was *supposed* to be a close-up photo of a bee at feeding time, but in the end he was simply too fast for me. The flower was not.

Saturday Self Portrait

Today was *supposed* to be the day that I finally learn something about flash photography. Dead batteries foiled my plans, however, so it became a day to experiment with post-processing. Because that was easier than going to the store. :-)


Yeah, they’re bricks. No, I couldn’t figure out an interesting way to shoot them. I guess bricks are just bricks, at least for me at this particular time.


An inscription on what might be a replica of the Liberty Bell. I should have paid more attention to the identity of my subject.

Violators Will Be Prosecuted

I thought this was an odd sign in the middle of a shopping-mall parking lot. To me, it wasn’t clear at all what “violations” were being referred to. About sixty seconds after taking this photo, though, a security guard came by and informed me that I was not allowed to take pictures on mall property. …

Jack of Hearts

The evening started with an inadvertent lesson in “lens creep”, which led to a bit of experimentation that never quite worked out the way I wanted it to.

Bomb The Canvas

Mike Duncan takes to the streets of Albuquerque during this weekend’s “Bomb The Canvas” Graffiti Art Expo & Auction. More examples of Mike’s work can be found through his website and Flickr account.


I was out this Saturday morning — doing my regular eighteen-mile warmup run — when I happened across this guy. Scared the hell out of me. He was probably a good ten feet or so in length, around 250 pounds, and had a rather mean disposition. He was not at all happy that we ran …


Insomnia provided extra time for experimentation in the wee hours of the morning. As an added bonus, this forced me to look up the correct spelling of “ukulele” once and for all. :-)


After pursuing this project for a week, I am already doubting my ability to continue for an entire year. I can come up with all kinds of excuses about why it is difficult, but the bottom line is I am struggling to find interesting subject matter in the small amount of time I have each …

Arroyo Artistry

I’m not sure when these first appeared, but I noticed them today. Sculptures of various fossils are embedded in the sides of an Albuquerque arroyo (water diversion channel) near Cottonwood Mall.

Power Lines

I spent forty-five minutes taking pictures around the Rio Grande, and yet this is the selection for today. I am definitely finding this project to be a challenge.

Flagstone Pathway

This entry took a bit of effort, simply because I struggled to find anything worth photographing. I took about a dozen photos all around the house, and most ended up looking rather pointless. I finally settled on this flagstone pathway. I converted the original to black-and-white, which provided a different feel and ends up hiding …


My keyboard appears “spotless” clean when I look at it with a naked eye. Through the lens? Not so much. Even in retrospect, I am wondering if some of this could be on my lens or inside my camera.

Getting Started

Breaking the ice and getting past “photographer’s block” is already a challenge. Not sure how this bodes for the project as a whole. The fact that this photo is out-of-focus really drives me up the wall. Forcing myself to post it is my attempt to fight perfectionism. And, for me, perfectionism can be a serious …