Stacked Plastic

A stack of plastic spoons that have been sitting in the pantry, unused, for many years. :-)

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  1. Kathleen Phelan says:

    A girlfriend starting the similar concept recently. Then as I friended you and began seeing your flash of attentiveness each day…
    As I told Stacey, I “secretly” had begun doing a similar capture of random things that strikes a cord with me…as I began to see both of your projects, I turned it into a daily project…which then brought with it many self analysis ( sometimes paralysis) and parameter setting…
    Only one shot? Editing? Cropping? Inspired by more than one happen upon…delete one? Archive?….
    Your shots are wonderful…lighting…composition… And of courses randomness mixed in!
    Thank you for sharing your project…I’m taking baby steps to share…but I must say it is such a welcomed and comforting brain space for me right now.. A needed and cherished diversion..

    • Patrick says:

      Thank, you, Kathleen! It has been a fun and challenging project. And I definitely know about the analysis/paralysis thing. :-) Glad to hear you’re giving it a go. I look forward to seeing your photos!