I was out this Saturday morning — doing my regular eighteen-mile warmup run — when I happened across this guy. Scared the hell out of me. He was probably a good ten feet or so in length, around 250 pounds, and had a rather mean disposition. He was not at all happy that we ran into each other. I am lucky to have escaped with my life!

Now, it’s true that I didn’t have an identification book handy. But I know enough to recognize that this was some kind of super-snake cross-breed between a western diamondback rattlesnake, king cobra, black mamba, and possibly even a bit of doberman. They are apparently quite common around the Albuquerque area in the summertime. Worst of all, unlike most snakes, these can usually fly and will attack from behind when you least expect it. They are also quite adept at using nunchucks, so please be careful out there.

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